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How to improve the working efficiency of filter press


How to improve the working efficiency of filter press?Any mechanical equipment as long as reasonable operation and application can improve its efficiency.Filter press is a kind of ideal coal slime treatment equipment, the main factors affecting its operating conditions are feed pressure, concentration, particle size composition and operation level.Now in order to improve the working condition of the filter press, improve the working efficiency, we will analyze for you to improve the plate frame filter press working efficiency of several aspects.

filter press

1,Ensure reasonable feeding granularity
Some coal preparation plants use slime centrifuge or other equipment with filter press work to achieve slime recovery and washing closed circuit.When the coal washing system is coarse, the bottom flow of part of the thickener can be reasonably diverted into the slime centrifuge to recover the coarse material, and the centrifuge liquid can be returned to the filter press for feeding, which not only improves the particle size composition of the filter press feeding, but also improves the working condition of the filter press.

2,Ensure the filter press reasonable level of feed concentration
Theoretically speaking, the higher the concentration of the filter press material, the better. The higher the concentration, the shorter the filtration pressure cycle, which can maintain a large processing capacity, more ideal filter cake moisture and low solid content in the filtrate.

However, the coal preparation plant will generally rake thickener bottom flow into the filter press, too high bottom flow concentration to rake thickener normal and safe operation bring hidden trouble, if the pursuit of too high bottom flow concentration, may cause rake thickener pressure harrow, affecting the normal production.Therefore, the filter press feeding concentration should be maintained at 400-600g/L, which can not only ensure the filter press required feeding concentration, but also ensure the normal operation of the rake thickener.

3,Maintain reasonable feeding pressure
The feed pressure is the main driving force in the process of press filtration, the greater the feed pressure, the faster the press filtration.However, high filling pressure is easy to cause equipment wear and tear, at the beginning of the filling, the seal of the filter chamber is not ideal, so the filter press early filling stage and filter to keep low pressure big flow rate, pressure should be controlled in 0.11 0.12 MPa, otherwise it will cause filter press run, for subsequent filter, into bread and cake brings adverse effect.

filter press

The pressure in the filtering pressure stage should be controlled at 0.149-0.159MPa, but not greater than 0.18mpa, so as to avoid damage to the filter plate and frame of the filter press and unnecessary wear of the feed pump caused by excessive pressure.In addition, the field can be through the gate valve throttle regulation pressure, but also through the feed pump motor frequency control device to achieve a reasonable adjustment of the pump head.

4,Finally, the filtering time should be controlled.

The longer the press time, the lower the moisture content of the cake.However, the filtering time directly affects the processing capacity of the filter press.The results showed that the pressure filtration time was too long and the moisture content of the cake did not decrease obviously.

In short, in order to further improve the work efficiency of the filter press, it is necessary to combine the customer’s actual production and production process, the factors affecting the work status of the filter press for reasonable control and effective adjustment, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the filter press.

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