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How to improve the service life of fine sand recycling machine


Sand recycling machine plays an important role in sand production line.Due to the bad working environment of fine sand recycling machine, it is more likely to be seriously affected by wear and tear in the extraction and production of materials, which increases the maintenance cost of fine sand recycling machine.So, how to improve the service life of fine sand recycling machine?

sand recycling

Boot correctly

A complete sand washing production line, with a variety of equipment.Due to the characteristics of various devices are different, so in the boot process of its use of the operation sequence is not the slightest error.

When we operate the fine sand recycling machine, we idling test it, and then release the material after making sure there is no problem.Because, in the case of reverse order, it is easy to appear fine sand extraction cavity mouth, feed mouth plug and other faults.

Follow instructions

No matter what type of fine sand recycling machine, there are explicit requirements, this requests us in the use of fine sand recycling machine, familiar with various parameters, such as the requirements for material and strictly controls the material particle size, and to ensure that the material does not contain impurities, etc., so as not to affect fine sand recycling effect, even to the damage of equipment.

Control the material

In the process of using fine sand recycling machine to extract materials, we should pay attention to the mixing of mortar water concentration, to prevent the slurry is too thick or too thin and affect the work efficiency of fine sand recovery machine, and then lead to the decline in output.
At the same time, attention should be paid to the amount of equipment to grasp, to prevent equipment overload operation, the effective life of the equipment caused by the impact.

sand recycling

Clean up

When the end of the fine sand recovery operation, to do a timely cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, so as to timely find the potential hidden dangers of the equipment, and then effectively improve the fine sand recycling machine performance, enhance its durability, extend the service life of the equipment.

The above points are how LZZG introduced to you how to enhance the durability of fine sand recycling machine, in the fine sand recovery process to operate in accordance with the correct method, in order to increase the fine sand recovery output, want to know more information about the fine sand recovery machine please contact us in time.

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