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How to effectively improve the life of sand washing machine?


First, the role of sand washing machine can not be ignored in the sand processing production line. For all equipment, the order of the switch can not be reversed, the sand washing machine should ensure empty operation begin before entering material.

Second, in strict accordance with the technical parameters of your table to operate, such as sand washing machine feed size is 10mm, the material into the sand before washing machine to do a preliminary screening to prevent unqualified material on the sand washing equipment caused by congestion .

Third, the sand washing machine on a regular basis for lubrication, the lubrication of the machine dry oil lubrication and oil content of a second bearing the empty room two-thirds.

Fourth, the sand washing machine in the production process should ensure an uniform feeding, if the feeding capacity of more than equipment afford, may result in incomplete washing sand or friction caused by bearing wear too much. We believe that, as long as your operation sand washing machine in the process of caution, we will be able to extend the life of sand washing machine.

High-quality sand washing machine equipment also need to carefully conservation, or sooner or later claims. Appropriate understanding of some sand washing machine maintenance skills, so conducive to the future production!


If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.