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How to clean the dirt in the fine sand recycling machine


In the use of fine sand recycling machine, if the spare parts too much dirt will affect the fine sand recycling machine performance and work efficiency, so in addition to the fine sand for routine maintenance of recycling machine, often to cleaning of fine sand recycling machine parts. Then,  how to clean the sand recycling machine removed parts? The following is about fine sand recycling machine parts cleaning method.

sand recycling

Because of fine sand recycling machine parts to running-in need often to join all kinds of lubricating oil, this will make the sand not wash clean with clear water recycling machine accessories above oil, therefore to use another way, there are several common cleaning methods: scrubbing method, spray cleaning method, boiling water cleaning method and cleaning method of vibration and ultrasonic cleaning method, these methods to the fittings of different specifications of cleaning have their corresponding advantages characteristics.

sand recycling


Scrubbing method is suitable for small fine sand recycling machine parts, this method needs to put the parts into diesel oil, kerosene or other easily soluble oil cleaning liquid, brush with brush;Spray washing method is suitable for the shape is simple, in its surface oil accessories, with a certain temperature of the cleaning liquid spray sand recycling machine accessories, this method cleaning effect is good, high productivity;And the boiling water cleaning method is very simple is to use boiling water and a good solution of fine sand recycling machine parts for cleaning;In addition, there are ultrasonic cleaning method and vibration cleaning method, these two methods are used together after the above method, so that can achieve more cleaning effect, ensure the fine sand recycling machine parts cleaning to achieve the best effect.

The above is about fine sand recycling machine accessories cleaning method, in the process of cleaning fine sand recycling machine accessories must pay attention to is that different types of accessories to be classified, so in the future installation process is very easy to find the corresponding accessories, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble。

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