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How to choose the thickness of the filter plate


For the thickness of filter plate of filter press, some customers think that the thicker the better, in fact not all.Now we will briefly introduce the filter plate thickness of the filter press on the overall impact, and used for sludge treatment of the filter plate thickness is more appropriate.

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At present, the common thickness of filter plate for sludge treatment equipment on the market is 45mm, 60mm, 80mm.If you are going to buy a small sludge treatment equipment with small area and low requirements for sludge treatment equipment press, you can choose a filter plate with a thickness of 45mm.The filter plate of this thickness effectively reduces the area occupied by the filter press, making the machine compact and convenient.However, if you require a high moisture content of sludge cake, we suggest not to consider the thickness of 45mm filter plate.

In sludge treatment equipment, the thickness of 60mm filter plate is the most used, which is also the international standard filter plate thickness of filter press.The 60mm thick filter plate can withstand the high pressure up to 25MPa, and has greater wear resistance, which has a good effect on sludge drying.In addition, the 60mm thick filter plate storage filter cake space is increased correspondingly, which reduces the number of times of clearance circulation of the sludge filter press, and will not cause a burden on the body of the sludge filter press.

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Compared to the 60mm-thick filter plate, the 80mm-thick filter plate has stronger wear resistance and can withstand a larger press, but it is a little wasteful.Press the filter press in general about 1.5MPa, high in 2MPa, the use of 60mm is enough.And the quality of 80mm thick filter plate is greater, will increase the load of sludge treatment equipment, so the general manufacturers do not use 80mm thick filter plate on the sludge treatment equipment.

The above are some opinions and experience of LZZG on the thickness of filter plate of sludge press filter, hoping to help customers choose appropriate sludge treatment equipment.If you have other sludge treatment equipment requirements and sludge treatment issues, you can directly consult us.

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