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How to choose sand washing machine


Sand washing machine is artificial sand river sand sea sand and other material in the following 5mm washing equipment.Sand washing machine is generally used in the sand and stone field, mines, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station and other industries on the material washing and selection work.Sand washing machine can be divided into two types: screw sand washing machine and wheel sand washing machine.But there are at least a few things to consider when making a choice. Then, how to choose sand washing machine.


The first is the use of natural stone, must consider the balance between the production and gradation, as far as possible to achieve appropriate gradation, the least waste.

The second is the stone mix into concrete, must go through a variety of transport links.Separation of the stones during transportation is unavoidable.Should achieve even some separation, but do not affect the quality of concrete, resulting in the uncompacted quality than that is to have a certain degree of anti-separation ability.

The third point is the choice of maximum particle size of stone, but also must consider the adaptability of field construction equipment.

For example, o.4 cubic meters mixer, suitable for mixing only grade ii concrete.8 cubic meters mixer is only suitable for mixing three grades of concrete, 1.At least 5 cubic meters mixing machine can mix maximum particle size 1.5mm quaternary concrete.For example, different particle sizes of coarse stone also have different requirements for the vibrator.In addition to the corresponding prison, there must be a greater excitation force for the extra-large stones.

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Finally, the gradation of high compactness must be considered without compromising the working degree and saving cement.

This is the matter that you should pay attention to when choosing the sand washing machine provided by LZZG. We hope it can help you complete the sand washing task more smoothly. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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