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How to choose dewatering screen correctly


In the purchase of dewatering screen equipment, we are very concerned about the price, quality, service, etc.However, many customers tend to ignore this point, low price has become the main factor in the purchase of equipment, believe that as long as the price is cheap can guarantee the cost, fast benefits!In order to change this wrong concept of purchase, the following we from the equipment itself and the manufacturers of two aspects of the simple talk about how to buy the right dehydration screen.

1, Choose dewatering screen first focus on the equipment itself

dewatering screen

(1) Equipment quality determines service life

A good equipment quality clearance, in the production of less fault, long service life, relative to the benefits of other equipment is several times, and the quality of relatively poor equipment is just the opposite.

(2) Equipment technology determines production efficiency

The production efficiency of equipment is determined not only by the service life of the equipment, but also by the technology used in the most critical production equipment.In the process of production, advanced technology can improve production efficiency, reduce defective products and failure rate, but also better into production.

2, Choose and buy dewatering screen secondary concern about the strength of the manufacturers

dewatering screen

(1) The strength of the manufacturer ensures the quality of the equipment

Choose and buy a good dehydration screen in addition to concern about the quality of the equipment itself, but also should care about the strength of the manufacturers.Manufacturers of strong enterprises, has its own research and development team, the purchase of materials assured reliable, strict control of the production process, the production of equipment relative to the manufacturers of weak enterprise quality is more assured.

(2) The strength of the manufacturer is the manifestation of economic ability

Manufacturers strength strong enterprise economic assured, well-capitalized, in the process of purchasing of materials won’t appear the situation of the capital chain fault, there will be no more individual small manufacturer caused by money problems in the production of raw materials such as the situation of the raw material of shoddy, therefore, strong economic strength of enterprises and investors in new dewatering screen of choose and buy when a point of concern.

(3) The strength of the manufacturer is the basis of after-sales service

A strong manufacturer will not only establish its own research and development team, but also create a number of customer satisfaction after-sales service team, so as to ensure the production efficiency and life of the equipment in the use process.

Dewatering screen as the mainstream equipment of sand making industry, in the market brand is countless, the majority of customers in the purchase of equipment should pay more attention to the quality of equipment and manufacturers’ service, only in this way to make the right choice.While, Longzong dewatering screen is well made, research and development technology hard, fast after-sales service, equipment to ensure that the purchase of dehydration screen is the best choice.

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