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How much profit will you receive after purchasing a fine sand recovery machine?


Fine sand recycling machine belongs to the mine energy saving and environmental protection products, its biggest characteristic is to prevent the fine sand into the river or sedimentation tank, to reduce river pollution or heavy pressure of cleaning sedimentation tank. On the basis of this he can effectively improve the 10-12% economic income. Here we share a successful case of fine sand recovery device such income.

Here we share the successful case of a sand recovery device.

An India boss of the gravel factory, using the wheel sand washing machine with the capacity of 50 m³/h. He wanted to buy a sand recycling machine, our project department immediately according to the actual situation of the gentleman immediately made a final recommendation for the study, LZ350 type fine sand recovery machine, and for the calculations:


The production of 50 m³/h from bucket wheel washing machine, containing a large amount of fine sand and powder, consumption of water for about an hour of cubic 50-60, fine sand washing process 15-20% will be lost, using our fine sand recovery machine, about 85% of the loss of fine sand will be recycled.

The lowest hourly Recyclable:

Fine sand 50 * 0.15 * 0.85=6.375 m³, 10 hours a day=63.75 m³.

With the lowest price $40 per cubic meters,

The day fine sand recovery machine gross income:

63.75*40=$2550 per month,

Working 26 days, 66.3 thousand can be put into account this month.

If purchasing the LZZG brand LZ 350 sand recovery machine,

With the electricity 16.5KW * 0.8 (actual consumption) * 10 * 26=3432 KW,

$1.5 per kilowatt,

The monthly electricity: 3432 KW*1.5= $5148.

Fine sand recycling machine does not need any manual operation and daily maintenance.

Monthly net profit is: 66300-5148=$61152, that is, you put a fine sand recovery machine a month to recover the cost. The customers are very satisfied after listening to our scheme, finally signed the contract with us.


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