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How much do you know about VSI?


VSI crusher is designed by reputed German expert of LZZG and every index is in world’s leading standard. VSI crusher incorporates three crushing types and it can be operated 720 hours continuously. Nowadays, VSI crusher has replaced hammer crusher, roller crusher, roller ball mill, etc. and become the mainstream equipment in sand making business.

About the vertical shaft crusher, we also call it Sand Making Machine.

It is especially for making sand (0-5mm).

Excellent performance and long service time:

  • special light oil lubrication systems ensures the temperature to be within 25℃
  • brand new automatic protection device provides the machine with vibrating, oil filtering and warning system;
  • new type oil filtering system ensures the bearings and other transmission system are not abraded and prolong their service time;
  • choice wearable materials prolong the service time of the machine by 40%. So the cost is lowered by more than 40%


Please let us know what kind of the stone do you want to crush?

And for the output size, do you only need 0-5mm, right?

What is the size of your stone before crushed?

And how many tons of output size do you need?

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.