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How much do you know about the fine sand recovery machine?


Fine sand recovery machine is the equipment for dehydration of slurry, which gives a good solution to the problem of fine sand runoff in the sand making industry.

[Application scope]: sand production line, mixing station, quartz sand recovery, purification of bentonit clay, etc.

[Certification status]: Dewatering of fine sand recovery machine is based on the advanced experience of manufacturing fine sand recycling machine, to be a screening equipment and dehydration machine into one set, is the latest patented products from LZZG brand.

[Structure]: Dehydration type fine sand reclaiming machine can divide into 2 systems: the dehydration system and the recovery unit, the dehydration section contains sieve dehydration and vibration motor, comprising a vacuum recovery part high-pressure pump, motor, high pressure separator, return water tank, washing tank.

[Work process]: Finished material from sand washing machine directly pouring into the sieve dehydration set, the mud water from sand washing machine discharge into the bottom box of the vacuum cleaning equipment, through the high-pressure pump to cyclone by classifying and thickening, sinking into the sand spit dewatering screen, waste water, mud and other impurities such as powder, through high pressure separator overflow the mouth into the return water tank discharge.


The birth of fine sand recovery machine can effectively reduce the fine natural stacking time, can be directly transported to the supply market, the discharge of sewage has reached the standard of environmental protection, is conducive to mining machinery and large industrial enterprises sustainable development.

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