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How does the sand that washed do not clean


Sand washing machine washing out of the sand is not clean how to do common sand washing equipment can be divided into screw sand washing machine and wheel sand washing machine.

1, The spiral sand washing machine washing sand principle is: in the spiral process of sand, continuous grinding, sediment separation, and because of the different material quality in the water settlement speed is different, so that sediment separation.

2.The principle of sand washing with water wheel sand washing machine is as follows: the power unit drives the impeller to rotate slowly after deceleration by triangle belt, reducer and gear, and the sand and gravel are fed into the washing trough to complete the cleaning function.The clean sand is carried away by the blades, * after the sand is poured into the discharge trough from the rotating impeller, the cleaning effect of the sand is completed.

However, both wheel sand washing machine and screw sand washing machine have a drawback, that is, the sand is not clean after washing, and sand loss is serious.In view of the above situation, we propose two solutions for you.

The first scheme: sand washing machine + dewatering screen, that is to say, after the sand washing machine equipment in the installation of a dehydration screen.The amount of sand produced by the sand washing machine is very large, so the purity of sand cannot be guaranteed at all. After a dewatering screen is added, the sand sent to the conveyor belt is very clean, which makes the customer very satisfied.

The second scheme: washing sand dehydration machine, that is, no washing sand machine, directly on a washing sand dehydration machine.Want to invest in the construction of sand and stone factory, sand washing machine has not bought the premise, we can introduce you to a sand washing and dehydration machine, this equipment is very convenient to use, combined with the wheel sand washing machine and dehydration screen of the dual function, this equipment than sand washing machine and dehydration screen combined price is much lower.

How does the sand that washs arenaceous machine to wash come out do not clean?Come out tailings too wet how to do?Don’t worry, we will introduce some sand washing equipment for you — dewatering screen, fine sand recovery machine, sand washing recovery all-in-one machine, sand washing and dewatering all-in-one machine and so on.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.