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How does sand recycling machine work?


sand recycling machine

the first stage–washing
Put sand into the sediment pool through the feeding box, acting by rotating screw blade, the sand is turning and rolling and grinding each and every other to eliminate impurity and water-air layer close to sand to facilitate de-water. The fresh eater increasing present from the porous plate carry foreign matter to water surface and overflow the weir plate and the last step is to finish washing process.

the second stage–watering
According to the principle of Physics, sand whose density large sink to the bottom, the screw blade push this sand upwards, when passing by way of upper tub of appropriate length above water degree, the water is draining into sediment pool from a further drainage ditch, the de-watered sand is out through the discharging opening.

the third stage–classifying
This link is the last step and it is also very important, sand classifying is realized by overflowing the non-needed fines, the controlling method is adjusting height of overflowing weir and adjusting speed of screw.

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