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Hot!”service a thousand miles” the next stop in Guangxi


From August 20, Longyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery “service a thousand miles” team is leaded by Mr. Sun will fare forth to Guangxi, the first stop destination is Yulin. If you have any needs or questions need to discuss, please contact us as soon as possible: 400-658-0379, we will regardless the weather.

What is the “service a thousand miles”?

For returning old and new customers, long heavy industry developed “Service thousand miles”activities. Activities content is service team in-depth front line to listen customers, help customers to solve problem .

Each year, there will be new faces and figures added to the thousands of miles service team;

Each year, different places, despite wind and rain, the heavy foot-long service territory will expand the number;

Every year, a number of exchanges in contact with customers and become friends frank, thus gain more sincere advice and sincere praise;

Every year, in the trouble of detecting and repairing, practice makes perfect, and understand the real needs of business equipment market to iterate more direction;

Every year, in the value-added services at the same time, to win more respect and trust, establish more confidence and courage;

Every year, every moment delivering value, are so long in heavy brand power once again excited to realize the value of the share multiplied;


Scorching sun, is booming in Long Heavy “service Trinidad” activities carried out! In the past time, a thousand miles service team  toward to various working sites, employees of various department fully cooperated, with the most professional team in response to customer demand, unremittingly for customers to solve safety problems for customers, provided preferential accessories.


If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.