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Have our washing and dewatering machine impressed you a lot?


Whether it is artificial sand, or natural sand, need to be washed in order to put into use, so the sand washing equipment is essential. Why should we choose one of the washing machine with dehydration function in the sand making process. We summarize, take a look at the advantages of these features have not touched you:

First, high precision

One of the biggest characteristics of high-quality sand washing and dehydrating machine is the cleanliness of washed sand and gravel. And this is also an evaluation of a washing sand dehydration machine work capacity and performance of the first standard of good or bad, through the stone washing, the sand with the soil and other debris all washed, and a washing to high clarity, Without repeated washing, improve work efficiency.

Second, functional

Washing and dewatering machine for customers to save work costs and complexity of the work. Its multiple functions make washing sand dehydration machine can simplify the assembly line, so that the complexity of the equipment with smaller scale, suitable for all kinds of granular materials for washing work.

Third, structural optimization

Washing sand dehydration machine should be durable, reasonable structure, easier to achieve such a requirement. We have produced a new washing sand dehydration machine with a completely closed structure, the impeller and other key transmission bearing device and water isolation, so do not worry about the bearing will be due to flooding caused by increased wear and tear.


If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.