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Fine sand recycling machine safety weightier than Mount Tai


he recent explosion came out one after another, and there are many news of the explosion. The needs of the social development, but the security problem is always weightier than Mount Tai. So in the use of equipment, security issues are always the most important. So fine sand recycling equipment, in the use of the process which need to pay attention to it? Any production that has mechanical equipment to participate in, as the production workshop person in charge should strengthen the training of staff safety awareness, in the production, safety is greater than the production. In recent years, the rapid development of infrastructure, so that many users to invest in fine sand recovery machine, then in the fine sand recycling machine production workshop, the operator should pay attention to what security common sense?


1, users should be strictly in accordance with the operation method, the clinker master operation skills, scientific maintenance fine sand recovery machine.
2, to ensure the balance of equipment operation, equipment load factor, grain size, grade and so on are one of the factors of normal production.
3, according to the sediment content of tailings, timely adjustment of equipment technical parameters, to ensure that the material is uniform, not too large materials, so as not to cause accidents.
4, do a good job in the maintenance of the record, wearing parts wear and tear in a timely manner to replace or repair.
5, in the work area is strictly prohibited to place inflammable and explosive materials, to ensure that the circuit system is normal, voltage stability.
6, work to turn off the power supply, to ensure that the circuit is in good condition, do a good job of water, fire prevention work.
Anyway, in fine sand recycling machine production workshop, operation personnel to ensure the standardization of each production, found abnormal situation is the first time for processing, is strictly prohibited in the production workshop placed a dangerous thing to all security risks nipped in the bud.

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