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Fine sand and gravel recycling machine assist in Australia


The traditional artificial sand production line, often adopt the wet production process. No matter what form of the sand washing machine, its biggest drawback is the fine sand (0.16mm particles) loss seriously, even reach to 20%, which is not only a waste, but also influence the sand grading, fineness modulus of coarse sand, greatly reduces the quality of products.

A customer from Sydney, who has a gravel factory with a processing technology of wet sand, using a bucket sand washing machine to clean sand dirt and other impurities in 2015. But due to a serious loss of sand, almost every day to clean up a sedimentation tank, sand water mixture sedimentation tank has no place to pour, yield greatly reduced. The customer browse the web inadvertently saw the fine sand recycling machine, felt the scene is very match, immediately ordered a set of LZ650 model machine with production of 300t/h.


In March 2016, the client’s fine sand recovery machine was successfully put into operation, engineers rushed to the scene to guide the installation, commissioning and operation, no load running for 5 minutes, found no problem. This is a gravel sand production line, the entire production line is composed of feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and sand recycling machine. About 7 meters long, 5 meters wide sedimentation tank became very clear after a few month compared to the previous, because the fine sand recovery machine is hard working. Sand pump slurry water mixture is transported to the high pressure mud sand separator, centrifugal grading concentrated tailings sand by mouth for dehydration sieve, then, tail sand and water are effectively separated, a small amount of sand, mud tail and back feed box back to the cleaning tank, when the level of water reached to some degree, waste will pollute by discharge port.

Since the introduction of fine sand recovery machine manufacturer by LZZG, not only the yield increased, but also sand gradation is more reasonable, the mechanism of sand did not appear unmarketable, the price is much higher than the previous price, the true realization of the treasure.

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