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Filter equipment for a wide range of applications


Filter press equipment is the most ideal industrial life of solid-liquid separation equipment, it besides it can make the solid-liquid separation, can also handle solid drying dehydration, also can purify dewatering, it is because the filter play such a large role, can be widely used in all walks of life basically became the indispensable equipment for many industries, here we introduce some scope of its application.,

In the food processing industry

As long as the equipment slightly improved, such as the material of the filter plate to increase a layer of metal, increase the stainless steel material of the filter plate.Filter medium to improve some, change industrial filter cloth to screen for higher filter cloth, or with filter paper, etc., the filter press equipment has been widely in the food industry enthusiastically, skills to ensure the stability of the equipment, also don’t bring food pollution filter, such filter press equipment in starch production, juice of commission, food related fields such as oil.

In the production of metallurgy

We all know that metallurgical refining is the extraction of the substances we need from a large number of substances, so a large part of metallurgy is separation, the separation of unwanted substances is also purification.

And in the process of removing “impurities”, we often need to be the “impurities” dissolves in the water, and the useful materials preserved in the form of solid, so this time you need to filter press equipment to their separation, get rid of a “impurities” requires a separate, so you need to use a filter press equipment, know all of them are need material.This shows that the filter press equipment in metallurgical production plays an important role is how irreplaceable.

filter press

Application in industrial sludge

We often see some factory to produce some turbidity wastewater, if flow directly into the canals will cause great trouble to our life. Our filter press is through the turbid water pressure into the filter press, through the filter plate, filter cloth density, achieve the effect of solid-liquid separation, basically after filtration turbidity water will become very clear.

The above is a brief summary of the filter press introduced by LZZG for you in several industries. This is only a small part of its application scope. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.