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Fault solving method of slurry pump of fine sand recovery machine


For sand recycling machine equipment, there is an indispensable part is the sand recycling machine special pump, often is the use of vacuum high-pressure pump, this pump power, efficient sealing, slurry is not easy to leak.Vacuum high – pressure pump for wear – resistant and efficient energy – saving vacuum high – pressure pump.But again good pump, work for a long time, also can appear fault.Next we will talk about the sand recycling machine slurry pump common failure and the solution.

sand recycling machine

 Sand pump shaft power is too large

Reasons for failure: packing gland is too tight, packing heat, pump friction, bearing damage, excessive use of people’s waist, it will lead to lumbar disc herniation, the driving device belt is too tight, pump flow is too large, high speed, heavy ratio, motor shaft and pump shaft is not in the center or parallel.

Treatment: loose packing gland bolts, eliminate friction, replace the bearing, adjust the belt, adjust the pump operation engineering, adjust the speed, adjust the motor shaft and sand pump shaft.

Sand suction pump does not fill water

Cause of failure: air leakage in the suction pipe or packing, improper steering or impeller damage, blocked suction pipe.

Treatment method: plug leakage part;Check the steering and replace the new impeller;Remove blockages.

 Sand pump bearing life is short

Fault reasons: motor shaft and pump shaft are not in alignment or parallel, shaft bending, pump friction or impeller lost balance, improper entry of foreign matter or lubricating oil in the bearing, unreasonable bearing assembly.

Processing method: adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft;Replace the oil to eliminate friction, replace the impeller to clean the bearing or reassemble the bearing.

 Sand pump vibration, noise

Failure reason: bearing damage impeller imbalanced suction pipe inlet, plug flow is not uniform, pump pumping.

Treatment: new bearing for new impeller;Eliminate the air intake, clean up the blockage and improve the pump feed condition.

fine sand recycling

Serious leakage at the seal

Failure reason: packing wear serious wear serious mechanical seal failure seal water is not clean.

Treatment: replacement of new packing for mechanical seal for bearing for clean sealing water.

No matter what kind of machine, after accumulate over a long period of operation of the high strength, will cause some appropriate wear, especially for accessories, fine sand recycling machine dedicated pump is a relatively durable pump., but we still would inevitably encounter it appear a little problem, we introduce of the content above the corresponding solution, and hope that can help you.

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