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Familiar failures and routine maintenance methods of spiral sand washer


Spiral sand washing machine is a kind of mechanical classification equipment based on the principle that the proportion of solid particles is different and the rate of precipitation in the liquid is different. However, as a common mineral processing equipment, it often has some minor faults in use, which may affect the normal production. LZZG has extracted five problems and corresponding solutions, which are expected to be helpful to you.

1, Broken shaft: this is usually due to the return of sand volume suddenly large or small, load is not uniform, shaft material, poor processing quality;Improper installation or shaft bending, can be solved by welding or shaft replacement.
Reason :1) insufficient strength: the hollow shaft of classifier is generally made of thick-walled seamless steel pipe, while the existing shaft is made of 20 steel plates bent into a semicircle butt welding, so the strength is not enough;
2) process reasons: high slurry concentration causes serious scar on the spiral blade of the classifier, large clearance of the sieve plate at the outlet, and debris of broken bulb iron entering into the classifier slot, causing stuck slot and increasing the operating load of the classifier;
3) reasons for operation and maintenance: incomplete scrubbing and agglomeration of materials when the ball mill system stops;Bring difficulties to the next operation;Equipment capacity, operation rate, cleaning, maintenance work did not adjust in time;



2, Loose flange or stuffing;Cushion is lax can make next axle head enters arenaceous, repair next axle head ok.

3, Lifting rod vibration: this may be due to shaft head bending;The lower shaft head is filled with sand.The ball bearing of the shaft head is worn out, and it can be cleaned and replaced. 

4, The lifting gear idles when descending: this is because there is too much sand in the groove, which can be solved by digging and releasing the sand.

5, Spiral blade or spoke bending: this is because the amount of sand return is too large and sand return groove blocked or start, sand return is too much;Insufficient screw lift before starting can be solved by modifying or replacing the screw blade or spokes.

The above is LZZG on the spiral sand washing machine common failure and daily maintenance methods to make some simple introduction, we hope to help you, if you have more want to consult please feel free to contact us.

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