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Factors affecting the working efficiency of screw sand washer


Screw sand washing machine is actually a kind of sand washing equipment used with sand making machine. It is an important equipment to complete the washing and selection of mechanical sand and natural sand. It can wash away the trace stone powder and impurities mixed in sand to improve the quality of sand.Many people buy a spiral sand washer and go back to use it for a period of time, a large part of people do not know why the efficiency is not as high as before.Here is a brief description of the impact of spiral sand washing machine work efficiency of several factors.

screw sand washing machine

1.Site layout.The site selection of sand washing machine is very important, to ensure that the installation of hard ground, not too close to the water source, to prevent the mechanical instability caused by long working hours.Therefore, general manufacturers are detailed understanding of the user’s site after the site design reasonable site layout.

2.After the spiral sand washing machine cleaned the material to have a special stacking space, and do a good job of protection measures, in order to prevent pollution again, at the same time to keep the whole scene unobstructed, the finished product is best to do more stacking, so as not to affect the transport, reduce the work efficiency of sand washing machine.
3.Screw sand washing machine if the level is too low, pulsation does not work, will lead to a substantial decline in concentrate grade and tailings grade increase.Therefore, the level should be appropriately raised.Mainly by increasing the amount of rinsing water.
4.Sand washing machine equipment cleaning and maintenance.Any thing needs periodic clear, wash arenaceous machine also is such, after using period of time, want to undertake periodic maintain, make sure its safety.

screw sand washer


5. Screw sand washing machine parts wear.Sand washing machine in the process of direct contact with hard and even corrosive materials, so the direct contact parts wear is very serious.In the running process of the machine, the concave and convex parts on the surface of the parts are interposed with each other to rub, and the metal debris that comes down from the grinding is also used as abrasive to continuously participate in the friction, which accelerates the wear of the parts’ matching surface.In this case, continue to overload the work, will lead to more parts damage, or even directly lead to the failure of the washing machine.Therefore, for the washing machine, to pay attention to the key parts of the wear.

The above is the impact of screw sand washing machine work efficiency of several factors, as the sand washing machine manufacturers we suggest that we usually pay more attention to these details in use, so as to reduce unnecessary losses.

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