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Experts from LZZG replied you configuration problem of LZ300 fine sand recovery machine


Fine sand recovery machine LZ300 is a small model of recovery equipment from LZZG. Do you know the application, capacity, and the position in the gravel washing processing plant? LZ300 fine sand recovery machine connection location: sand washing machine overflow port, daily processing capacity: 80m ³/h.


Technical parameters and advantages of LZ300 fine sand recovery machine:

  1. Reasonable structure and good mechanical performance.
  2. Convenient adjustment, cloth evenly screen surface, smooth operation.
  3. Small noise, open and shut down the inertia force.
  4. High quality bearings, good sealing, lubrication and maintenance is simple and easy to operate.
  5. Mud purification device using UHMW-PE pipe closed connection, no leakage of water and products.
  6. Drainage for reflux circulation.
  7. Rigorous design, with high acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance
  8. Particle size of 0.16mm-5mm, the discharge water content less than 15%
  9. Protection level: IP55, IP54, vibration motor power: 2 x 0.75kw
  10. Slurry pump power 15KW
  11. Body material: carbon steel Q235 thickness 8mm
  12. Outline dimension: 2500mm * 1100mm * 2500mm
  13. Weight: 2.2T
If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.