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Effects of vibrating dewatering screen on feed concentration and particle size


Vibration dewatering screen plays an important role in material treatment, generally there is a concentration of pulp, after the treatment of vibration dewatering screen, above solid content can be reached on the sieve, and even some coarse sand can reach dry heap, the water under the screen through gravity sedimentation to make the mud precipitation in the water through the role of filter press to form a recycling.

dewatering screendewatering screen

However, when the bearing of the vibrating dewatering screen is short of lubricant, it may also lead to blockage of the sealing device of the dewatering screen, resulting in the temperature rise of the bearing structure exceeding the specified range. The lubrication system of the equipment should be checked in time to ensure that the lubricant is sufficient and clean. If the blockage is found, the bearing should be removed for thorough cleaning.If the sealing ring is damaged or the bearing is cracked after wear, the sealing ring and bearing should be replaced in time, and the screening and classification of materials should be started again after the dehydration, drying and screen.

The ratio of the sieve hole area to the total area of the dehydration screen is the opening rate. The larger the opening rate, the higher the screening efficiency and production capacity, and the lower the strength and service life of the screen surface.The opening rate of the square hole is high, so the screen surface mostly adopts the square hole, but the material with high water content and small particle size is better to use the round hole.

dewatering screen

After the simple description of the concentration and particle size of the vibrating dehydration sieving material, we may have a better understanding of this kind of products, and customers can choose the equipment suitable for their own needs.

The dewatering, drying, draining and screening equipment produced by us can not only meet the production needs of customers, but also meet the domestic requirements for environmental protection, etc., with low investment and high return. It is a practical screening equipment.We hope you will pay more attention to it.

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