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Difference between wheel sand washer and screw sand washer


Now the sand washing machine is mainly divided into two categories: wheel bucket sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine, the two kinds of equipment is mainly based on customer needs and different materials to choose different grades.So the same as the sand washing machine, the two kinds of sand washing machine and what is the difference?  Below is a brief analysis of the differences between the two from five aspects.

*One, from the appearance of the analysis

1. Impeller type sand washing machine: simple structure, small area, impeller drive bearing device and water and water material isolation, basically avoid bearing damage caused by water, sand and pollutants.

2 screw sand washing machine: the body is relatively long and narrow, the use of horizontal structure, sand cleaning time is long, but it is not as convenient as the installation of wheeled.

*Two, from washing sand principle analysis
1. Wheel type sand washing machine: the sand has a feeding trough into the washing trough, in the impeller driven by tumbling, and grinding each other, remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand, and destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand, in order to facilitate dehydration;Add water at the same time, form strong current, take away impurities and foreign matters with small specific gravity in time, and discharge from the overflow outlet wash tank, complete the cleaning function.

2. Spiral sand washing machine: the upper material by machine vertical fall into a high-speed rotating impeller, under the action of centrifugal force at high speed, and the other part of the umbrella shape flow around the impeller material to produce high speed impact and crushing, the material after crash into each other, and between the impeller and casing to form vortex repeatedly hit each other, friction material and crushing, from the bottom to discharge, forming closed-circuit circulation many times, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required finished product granularity.

*Three, from the sand and stone loss analysis
1. Impeller type sand washing machine: less water is used in the process of sand washing, and the fine sand and stone powder loss is small.
2. Spiral sand washing machine: compared with the wheel sand washing machine, the spiral sand washing machine loses more fine sand in the cleaning process.

screw sand washing machine

*Four, from the cleaning ability to analyze
1. Impeller type sand washer: the production capacity of the equipment is generally below 80 tons, so it is applicable to the sand production line system with medium and small production capacity.
2. Screwed-type sand washing machine: with powerful cleaning ability, it can effectively clean the sand and gravel with serious impurities in the clay, which is often used in the large-scale sand making production line.

*Five, from the product price to analyze

1. Wheel sand washer: the price of the equipment is relatively low, belonging to the type of economic and efficient sand washer, and its operating cost is also low.

2. Spiral sand washing machine: the price of the equipment is relatively high, which belongs to the type of high-grade sand washing machine with large output

These two types of sand washing machines have their own characteristics. LZZG advises customers to consider factors such as the composition of sand and gravel, estimated production capacity, and possible conditions on the production site when purchasing sand washing machines, and choose the one most suitable for their own production requirements, so as to obtain better economic benefits.


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