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Difference between dewatering screen and fine sand recycling machine


Fine sand recycling machine is aimed at slurry material dewatering and desliming development equipment, the biggest characteristic of the machine is can be very good to solve the problem of fine sand loss in the sand making industry so what is the difference between the dehydration screen and fine sand recycling machine?

1 Differences in structural composition.

dewatering screen

The structure of dewatering screen is simple, mainly the screen frame vibration motor screen plate and other parts;The main parts of fine sand recycling machine are vacuum high pressure pump high pressure separator and dewatering screen.

2 Main functation difference.

The main function of fine sand recycling machine is to collect fine sand through sand separation and extraction. Because the sand production line adopts wet sand method, the fine sand should be mixed with water before it enters the sand washing machine. Therefore, the fine sand recovered by the fine sand recycling machine needs the help of dewatering screen.

The main function of dewatering screen is to achieve the dewatering and desliming of fine sand. For the further dewatering of fine sand produced by sand washing machine and fine sand recovery machine, the water content of sand is reduced to meet the needs of users.

dewatering screen

Since fine sand recycling machine has the dehydration recycling function, why in sand production line provide a dewatering screen equipment, it has certain reasons, some battlefield processing raw material is different, the user of sand quality requirement is different, so the need for multiple dehydration, personalized production operation, so you need to separate configuration a dewatering screen equipment system of sand production line configuration problems need according to the actual situation of battlefield to analysis.


The above is the difference between the dewatering screen and the fine sand recycling machine. If you have any detailed questions, please contact us, we will give you the most professional guidance and the best service.

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