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Did you recycle the fine materials of 0.16- 0.3 mm from the loss of sand washer?


Small sand recycling machine is a kind of fine materials reclaim device designed by LZZG brand in collection extraction system, the effective implementation of sediment separation and fine sand recovery effect.


From the large and medium-sized stone material factory, washing the battlefield, artificial sand production line, more than 90% production line application is a wet sand making plant, generally used from feed hopper machine, crushers (grade two or grade three, crushing equipment), washing equipment (spiral sand washing machine impeller or sand washing machine), screening equipment to the finished product. Wet type sand making line just as its name implies is to use water to wash the aggregate production line, also can’t avoid the sand loss from the sand washer, especially 0.16-0.3 mm below the fine sand erosion is most serious, runoff rate is as high as 20%.

Model Pump Specifications


Sieve dehydration Productivity


Weight (kg)
Power(KW) Material Model Power(KW)
LZ250 7.5-11 Cr26 260 PU 2×0.55 30-80 2050
LZ300 11-15 Cr26 300 PU 2×0.75 40-100 2200
LZ350 15-18.5 Cr26 350 PU 2×0.75 70-130 2555


Based on a lot of customers’ situation differ in the production, we invented our own patent models LZ250, LZ300,LZ350 fine sand reclaim system respectively suitable output for 50 TPH, 80 TPH, and the 120 TPH for customer’s selection. The system has a biggest characteristic since its birth, the reclaimed sand is clean, and can realize sand material cleaning, grading, dehydration effect, make the quality of reclaimed sand is better, to be able to solve any sand recycling problems encountered in the actual production.

If you have any question, please click here for live help. If you have any question, please click here for live help.