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Dewatering vibrating screen changes construction waste into wealth


In recent years , the rapid economic growth of the third world countries has brought the new progress of urbanization , triggered municipal waste a lot of emissions . Construction waste as the accessory in the process of city construction , it is often regarded as a “waste” . Large amounts of data show that construction waste emissions is very big, but the comprehensive utilization efficiency is very low in many developing countries , which has become the important factors hinder the sustainable development .


After repeated experiments , LZZG explored the construction waste, classification, grading reduction for the regeneration of sand and gravel aggregate to make use of the way through special technology . After the test , producing all kinds of renewable materials performance meet the national or industrial standards . Confirmed by the authorities: due to the regeneration of brick aggregate of lightweight and bibulous rate is high, especially for the small urban construction, the price is lower than the traditional product market from 15% . In 2013 , The company started to investing a district processing 1.6 million tons of construction waste recycling projects , construction waste especially in sand making procedure, comprehensive conversion rate can reach to 95% , the sales revenue of 160 million dollars .

At present, many developing countries is promoting construction waste resource utilization, it is the objective requirement of green ecological development . Construction waste management is a key link in the process of dust pollution control work , is also the important content of circular economy and green development . The introduction of high efficiency and energy saving sieve dehydration equipment is a good choice for many builders .

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