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Detailed operation steps of fine sand recycling equipment


The fine sand recycling machine plays an important role in sand washing.In the production process, there are many factors affecting the quality of equipment, if the user does not accurately grasp the use of equipment, it will lead to the output, quality control.Therefore, it is very important to master the operating points of fine sand recycling machine.

1,For the time when equipment and equipment deploy transformers, in order to ensure the normal supply of voltage efficiency, users can set more voltages, which can prevent the equipment from operating without voltage, thus affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

2,When the fine sand recycling machine is started up, it should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions. When setting up the equipment deployment, do not put in the material. Let the equipment deployment idle for several circles before entering the material.

3,When the sand is recycled, the consistency of the mortar water should be adjusted accordingly to prevent the mortar water from being too thick or too thin, which will affect the production and quality of users.

For the phenomenon of clogging materials on the sealing cover of equipment, timely cleaning should be carried out to avoid large idling resistance of equipment, increasing consumption time of energy consumption and bringing certain damage to equipment deployment.

sand recycling

Operators to sand recycling machine uniform feeding, so as not to give too much or too much, resulting in the equipment idling resistance is large, increase the motor hungry load, if in a severe environment will lead to motor waste, resulting in the production of users.

The introduction of the above content, I hope to help you, in addition to the purchase of fine sand recycling machine, the first to grasp the details of the equipment, which can reduce the failure rate of equipment, improve work efficiency, extend the use of equipment time.

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