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The deeatering screen is used for the mechanism sand production line.


Dewatering screen is an ideal tailings treatment equipment, which is widely used in sand and stone factories, coal washery and other fields. The dewatering screen can remove impurities and moisture on the surface of sand and coal, thus effectively cleaning and dehydrating.

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, longzhong has been committed to the development and production of new products and to improve the market competitiveness of the products.

mechanism sand production line.

The quality of the dewatering screen depends on the material used in the product. Of course, daily maintenance is also important. This requires the customer not only to be familiar with the product instructions, but also have certain mechanical knowledge. In order to ensure the long and stable use of the dewatering screen, the maintenance should be removed according to the correct operating rules.

Longzhong dewatering screen is used for sand production line, which improves the overall efficiency of the sand production line and brings huge benefits to the sand producers.

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