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Comparison of dewatering screen with filter press


The commonly used dewatering equipment includes filter press, vacuum filter and dewatering screen, etc. Although these three kinds of equipment have the same purpose, the effect is quite different.We compared the three products in terms of dehydration effect, price and maintenance, so that customers can choose better models.

dewatering screen
1. Dewatering effect
The effect of dewatering depends on how the machine works.Press filter is to rely on extrusion to achieve the dehydration of the material.Vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation machine that forms vacuum filtration by negative pressure. It forms negative pressure at the filtrate outlet as the driving force of filtration.Dewatering screen, is to rely on high-frequency excitation to achieve multiple displacement of materials, water “thrown out”.

Filter press, vacuum filter, dewatering effect is better, after their treatment of the material is similar to “dry cake”, these two machines for the dehydration of fine powder materials, otherwise it is easy to damage the mechanical structure.

Compared with the filter press and vacuum filter, the dehydration effect of the dewatering scr
een is slightly worse, but the capacity of the dewatering screen is much larger than the former two. The dewatering screen can be used for the dehydration of large granular materials, small granular materials, powdery materials and various tailings dry discharge operations.

2. Price.
Filter press, especially the vacuum filter structure is more complex, so the price of these two kinds of equipment is also relatively high.Dewatering screen as a straight line vibrating screen, simple structure, large capacity, and low price.

3. Maintenance

The price of filter press and vacuum filter is high, and of course the maintenance cost is not cheap, and the filter plate of filter press and vacuum filter is badly worn, which needs to be replaced frequently, which has a great impact on production.

Dewatering screen, simple structure, only rely on two vibration motors to drive the working area for dehydration, as long as the bearing parts of the timely addition of butter, can be used for a long time uninterrupted.

In a word, the filter press and filter are suitable for dewatering of powdery materials and strictly control the dewatering effect.Dewatering screen dehydration of the material can fully meet the requirements of dry discharge, dewatering screen is suitable for all kinds of particles, all kinds of material dehydration operation.When purchasing the equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate type according to the specific dehydration requirements.

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