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Common problems and solutions in operation of wheel sand washing machine


Our wheel sand washer, adopting advanced technology and taking the stone sand industry’s practical condition into consideration, is applied for washing, grading and dehydrating in sandstone factory, construction site, hydroelectric station dam, glass manufacturing and oil well development. However, it is inevitable to be accompanied by some common problems and failures in the process of its extensive use. The following is a brief description of these problems and corresponding solutions.

Five points about the wheel  sand washing machine in the running process of common problems and solutions



1, Vibration factors will lead to the wheel bucket type sand washing machine in the operation of the cover plate or screw off, so before use, it should pay attention to the wheel bucket type sand washing machine stable work to confirm repeatedly fixed.

2, The impeller constantly mixing accelerated the fine stone, if suddenly increase the motor load will easily cause accidents, so pay attention to adjust the motor, the gate, to maintain the stability of the stone.

3, Due to the factors of damp will lead to wheel bucket type sand washing machine core surface rust, so you can use sandpaper grinding clean, and coated with insulation paint rust treatment.

4, Long-term operation of the impeller, there will be varying degrees of wear, bucket type sand washer impeller and the gap between the cover will increase, bucket type sand washer suction will be reduced, the work efficiency will be reduced, so it is necessary to pay attention to the regular replacement or maintenance of bucket type sand washer impeller, appropriate adjustment of the gap between the impeller and the cover.

5,Remove the wheel bucket type sand washing machine old winding too much force, tooth groove will be askew open, should use pliers and other tools to make it reset.Good protection work is to ensure the normal operation of wheel bucket sand washing machine, reduce the failure rate of important factors.

Although the quality of our wheel sand washing machine is very good, users still need to pay attention to all details in the process of use, to avoid some minor failures caused by no greater loss. Please contact us if you have further questions. Tel:86-379-65160016

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