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Common failures and solutions of fine sand recycling machine


Fine sand recycling machine is one of the large equipment used in the sand production line in our reindustry. Many customers may encounter many faults in the normal production process and do not know how to deal with them. Below we have listed several common faults and solutions for you.

sand recycling machine


1. Reduced sand washing or sand leakage
The reason of this phenomenon may be because the gauze was damaged, or it may be caused by the loosening and falling off of the anchor bolts of the gauze.The main solution is to first check the maintenance or consider replacing the gauze, but also to check and tighten the bolts.

2. Vibration of the frame
Vibration of the frame may be caused by loose bolts on the connecting frame or loose bolts on the bearing seat. The elimination method is to tighten the bolts and check carefully.

3. The transmission part is noisy
The reason for this phenomenon may be the lack of gear lubrication performance or a large change in the spacing between the gear caused by this failure to add enough grease to play a role in lubrication, but also to adjust the reducer foot bolts and fix them, so as not to loose.

4. The gear is often damaged
This failure is because the gear is not timely and effective maintenance and maintenance, so that the sand washing machine bearing and reducer low speed shaft can not reach the original degree of parallelism, the treatment is in accordance with the specified time for refueling, and appropriate adjustment to make them meet the standard requirements.

sand recycling


5. The bearing is easy to be damaged
The appearance of this phenomenon is a serious problem, which indicates that the bearing of the equipment has broken the oil or the seal ring has been damaged by unknown factors, may also be caused by long-term lack of maintenance and repair, the main exclusion method is according to the provisions of refueling or replacement of a new seal ring, regular cleaning and maintenance of the bearing.

These are LZZG analysis of common faults of fine sand recycling machine, and the corresponding solutions.For more information about the fine sand recovery machine, you can refer to LZZG fine sand recovery machine manufacturer.Email is

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