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Causes and solutions of the damage of the dewatering screen panel


The dewatering screen panel is often damaged too fast, is this the quality problem of the screen plate itself or other reasons? Now we will explain the reasons for the rapid damage of the dewatering screen panel and propose corresponding solutions.

dewatering screen

Reasons for the rapid damage of the dewatering screen panel.

1,The screen quality is unqualified.Generally, the upper sieve layer and the lower stress layer are required to be closely fitted. If the screen technology is poor, when the stress layer at the bottom of the screen is tight, there is no tension in the sieve layer, and the throwing force of drilling cuttings is greatly reduced during work, and drilling cuttings cannot be discharged.

2,The tension of the screen is not strong enough to cause vibration of the screen, usually broken or damaged along the edge of the screen or the edge of the package.

3,Steering error of vibration motor when adjusting the steering of vibration motor, according to previous experience, the operator believes that as long as the drilling cuttings go forward, but this method is not applicable to all shakers.If motor wrongly toward the inside of the turn, although projectile Angle is 45 °, but there are cuttings rolling back the force, the drilling cuttings migration forward many slower speed, long stay on the screen, even lead to drilling cuttings can’t discharge.

4,In many cases, customers encounter a variety of problems, the need for long-term work of the dehydration screen.May be used for a long time is also an important cause of rapid breakage of the dehydration screen.

5,No maintenance.Although the damage sometimes with quality problems is a great concern, but if you buy back the dewatering screen does not carry out care and maintenance, the speed of damage will be accelerated.

dewatering screen

The solution of too fast damage of dewatering screen panel.

1,Spray the screen and cuttings with water to reduce the stickiness of the cuttings, but this method is only suitable for situations where water is allowed;

2,Adjust the screen Angle at the sand discharge mouth downward, which is conducive to the removal of cuttings by gravity, but may lead to slurry running;

3,Improve the quality of vibrating screen sheet produced by the casting plant;

4,Change the mesh number of the screen or adjust the flow rate of the single screen to ensure that the stopping point of drilling fluid is close to the outlet of the screen, so that drilling cuttings can be smoothly discharged under the lubrication effect of drilling fluid.

 5,After use to maintain, this can play a role in protecting the screen, as far as possible to reduce wear.

It has been a long-standing problem that the dewatering screen panel is liable to damage. If the screen plate fixing device is often broken, it is better to replace the screen plate supporting trabeculae.There are various reasons for the damage of the screen plate of the dewatering screen. Only by specific analysis can the safe and smooth operation of the equipment be guaranteed.

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