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Causes and methods of filter plate oil leakage


The main components that affect the filter quality of filter press are filter plate and filter cloth.Filter plate of filter press is an indispensable part of the equipment of filter press, which plays an important role in the working process.In the solid-liquid separation operation of the filter press, the function of the filter plate is very important, and the problem of the filter plate releasing the oil leakage has a great impact on the production. Now let’s analyze what causes the oil leakage of the filter plate releasing of the filter press.

Oil leak reason
The hydraulic system of the filter press mainly provides pressure. When the oil chamber A is filled with more oil, the piston moves to the left to press the filter plate to make it closed.When the oil chamber B is filled with more oil, the piston moves to the right and the filter plate of the filter press is loosened.Due to the manufacture of precision, the filter press hydraulic system fault is less, as long as the attention to daily maintenance can be.And as a result of wear and tear, every year or so there will be oil leakage, then you need to replace the o-ring maintenance.

Treatment of oil spills
In the daily use of the filter press, on the one hand, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, in the maintenance can check the degree of wear, check the sealing ring, see if it needs to be replaced, once found the problem, need to immediately carry out maintenance and replacement.
On the other hand, oil leakage will also cause pressure maintenance and hydraulic cylinder propulsion is not appropriate, so we suggest that we can pay more attention to the use of the daily need to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the filter press.

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