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Bauma exhibition perfect ending, LZZG team spare no effort to service customer


As China’s largest exhibition of machinery industry, Longzhong exhibitors team of seven people received a total of thousands of customers on the Bauma exhibition, and achieved fruitful results.

Not only the ability of staff has been an unprecedented exercise, and Long team in good faith to move the attitude The industry’s many customers. Some customers in the exhibition after the communication, personally drive to our factory inspection, to the factory near the scene to watch the operation of the machine, and ultimately signed a contract with Takashi, and promised to do a permanent Longzhong partners.

Many customers on the spot signed contracts, Lung’s production team worked hard day and night, from 27th to 28th, a series of machine successfully test and has been sent to different customers on-site.


Although the four-day exhibition is short, but a grand team for the global service has always been full of enthusiasm, thank all the support of our customers and visitors from all directions, we will be more excellent product quality feedback every customer!

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