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Advantages of tailings dry fine sand recovery unit


1, the traditional artificial sand wet processing, artificial sand washing, dewatering using spiral sand washing, artificial sand (especially fine sand) is almost impossible to control the loss. The fine sand recovery device can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, so that it can be controlled within 5–10%. Is a very good solution to the artificial aggregate processing system of refined sand density, high modulus low powder content problem.
2, vibration sieve using polyurethane screen mesh, polyurethane screen than other types of longer service life, and is not easily blocked.
3, mud sand separator lined with polyurethane, improve the service life of the whole device, can be successfully completed slurry concentration, liquid clarification and other work.
4, fine sand recovery system can recover 85% of the total emissions of fine particulate materials, with other equipment unparalleled technical and economic advantages.
5, fine grain to fully recycling, reducing the workload of the sedimentation tank, reducing the cost of cleaning the tank cleaning.
6, according to the user’s different requirements, the design of the corresponding solution.ui

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