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A case of signing a contract after commissioning the sand screen


As the extended scope of highway and rising prosperity of real estate in the global world, sand is essential, the traditional sand and gravel production line leave many problems such as the large mud content and the damage to the earth, environment pollution became a difficult problem in the industry. Sand sieve dehydration is the big tool to solve water, mud and sand and gravel industry separation.


LONGZHONG heavy industry designed dehydration screen for sand process, which is a new type and core machine sand water separation of dry equipment. General sand concentration from 18% to 60%, after dewatering screen processing, oversize sand moisture content can below to 12%- 15%, some even reached lower percentage degree, completely can achieve dry heap and transportation.

Once, a customer found an online photo about LONGZHONG heavy sand production of dewatering screen. With a little doubt, directly drove to the company along with the raw material, visiting the factory, intuitive to see the use of material and equipment manufacture craft and testing the dewater screen with own material with satisfaction. Finally, the customer signed purchase contracts, and enjoyed the after-sales patience help in installing products on his construction site, achieved the effect of customer satisfaction.

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