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Sand recovery machine: the last part of the wet sand “guardian”


The existence of fine sand recycling machine determines the overall production efficiency of sand and gravel production line and environmental benefits, is essential for recycling equipment. But in real life, while part of the manufacturers to reduce the sand production line budget, often choose to exclude sand recovery machine. From the long-term economic benefits, this is a very undesirable approach, easy to give customers a variety of trouble in the late produce line.

In recent years, developing countries have increased the extensive mineral economy, the intensity of the management of punishment, once found high pollution, high waste production mode, ranging from stop production regulation, to direct banning. LONGZHONG Heavy Industries in particular create a new type of fine sand recycling machine to reduce the sand and water mixture on the environment pollution problems.


In the wet sand making producing line, the use of sand washing machine in the process will cause the loss of sand and water mixture, and for small sand particles simply can not achieve recovery. LONGZHONG heavy equipment using centrifugal grading approach to achieve the effective separation of fine sand and water, after repeated work to complete the cleaning, dehydration and classification of three functions to help companies achieve economic and environmental benefits of the double harvest.

LONGZHONG Heavy Industries, to provide high-quality pre-sale, sales, after-sales service, professional answer sand and gravel production line in the various problems for customers to create greater production value.

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