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The common faults of sand recycling equipment


Sand recycling equipment is a kind of artificial sand production line system of the discharged sewage of fine sand recovery of a mechanical device, the device can not only improve the mechanism of sediment yield, also enriched the fineness modulus of sand mechanism, greatly improve the mechanism of sediment yield, and improve the mechanism of sediment sales profits. Also fine sand recovery equipment of fine sand recovery also greatly reduced the sedimentation tank cleaning time and cleaning cost and dredged sludge can be used as heaven and earth fertile land or shallow landfill. Fine sand recovery equipment of the fine sand recovery link no waste emissions, and the full realization of the zero waste pollution, is an efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.
But fine sand recovery equipment in the working process of fine sand recovery may will appear this kind of problem, resulting in adverse effects on the production of fine sand recovery equipment. Longzhong in the years of research and development to manufacturing sand recycling equipment, summed up the fault characteristics of sand recycling equipment, mainly divided into the following five aspects:

1, sand screen fault recovery device of vibration sieve. In the working process of fine sand recovery equipment, if the amount of fine sand recovery significantly reduced or have a lot of sand leakage, it may is fine sand recovery device of vibration sieve fails. The need of fine sand recovery equipment are down to check, if only loose screen fixing bolt, the bolt fastening can; if a screen of fine sand recovery equipment is damaged, the replacement of the screen need.
2, sand recycling equipment. If it is found that the transmission sand recovery equipment noise, it may be caused by the change of gear pitch gear. For this to take the treatment is immediately shut down power, and then add enough grease between the sand reclaiming device of gear, gear friction coefficient decreases, and then adjust and reducer for fastening the anchor bolt.
3, sand recycling equipment. If not timely on sand recycling equipment shaft and reducer speed shaft maintenance, if they did not reach the required parallelism, easily caused sand recycling equipment reducer gear damage. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the time in time for the gear reducer to lubricate and adjust the gap to make it functioning properly.
4, the fault caused by the sealing ring of sand recycling equipment. If the sealing ring is damaged or broken oil is easy to cause sand recycling equipment bearing wear parts, causing this reason is because of the long time of maintenance and cleaning of a sealing ring. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the provisions on a regular basis for filling the ring, but also timely replacement of damaged seals.
5, sand recycling equipment. If sand recycling equipment bearing seat connecting bracket bolt loose, it will cause the vibration of a machine frame, then only need to deal with the bolt fastening.