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The Benefits of LZZG Sand Recycling Machine



1 Effectively reduce the fine sand losing quantity, and make it in the scope of 5-10%.

2The maximum fine grain materials quantity recovered from the total effluent is 95%, so it has unsurpassed technology and economic advantage compared with other equipments.
3The vibrating screen utilizes polyurethane screen cloth, which has longer life compared with others and uneasy to be blocked.

4Reducing nature stock time of the fine material, they can be transferred directly and supplied to the market.
5 Inner the polyurethane, strengthen the whole device service life, it can smoothly finished the work of condensing slime and clearing the liquid etc.
6 The find sand are recovered sufficiently, you can reduce the sedimentation basin workload and Low its clean cost.
7 We can design corresponding solve project according to our consumers, different requirements.