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How about LZZG sludge dewatering machine?


Due to the efficient and reliable thickening process and the high hydraulic capacity, the LZZG sludge dewatering can remove up to 85% of the water in the sludge. The compact design results in low investment costs and the low specific power consumption, easy maintenance, and low wear of key components help to keep the operating costs down.
The characters are as follows:
1.Low investment costs due to smart machine design
2.High thickening efficiency
3.Low energy consumption and operating costs
4.Easy maintenance and fast wire change
5.Small footprint due to compact design
6.Single-line solution with a throughput up to 180 t/d
7.Shaft dewatering for higher final dryness
8.Patented wear shoes to minimize downtime and maintenance costs
9.Self-adjusting backpressure unit