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A production line of 50 tons per hour for sand plant


LZZG, a professional sand mining industry, washing sand and fine sand recovery equipment for decades, has accumulated a lot of experience and a wide range of customers, but also receive customer feedback, do not know how to arrange for their own production line.

Today will introduce a production line of 50 tons of production, for customer reference:


First, some stone was put in the hopper.
1.A feeder connected to conveyer to ensure continuous uniform feeding

2.Vibrating screen for sieving sand and gravels (recommend model 2YA1548)

5-10mm gravels from upper layer transfer to belt conveyor for stock pile.
0-5mm sand discharged from the bottom screen will feed for sand washer.

3.Multi function sand washer (sand washing & recycling machine in the above picture )receive 0-5mm sand for cleaning with sieve mesh in the bucket wheel. (recommend model LZ26-35)

Cleaned sand transfer by a slurry pump to cyclone for the centrifugation and sedimentation, then put onto polyurethane screen to do the further dehydration

4. 0.16-5mm final sand production put out by multi function sand washer into another stock pile.